Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum

Annual Schedule

Annual Schedule April 2018- March 2019
Temporary Exhibition

Temporary Exhibition

Katsushika Hokusai, The Great Wave off Kanagawa, from the series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji, c.1830-32, Tokyo Fuji Art Museum
© Tokyo Fuji Art Museum Image Archive/DNPartcom

March 24 (Sat.) – May 27 (Sun.), 2018


Drawn from the collection of the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum, this special exhibition is being shown exclusively in Nagasaki. The two-term exhibition introduces visitors to the fascinating world of Edo-period art through 110 outstanding examples of folding screens, hanging scrolls, ukiyo-e, and decorative art from Tokyo Fuji Art Museum's famed collection, displaying roughly 70 items during the first term, and 80 during the second term. The exhibition offers opportunities to appreciate the exuberance of Edo-period art, which can only be conveyed by direct observation of actual objects.

Takeshi Korogi, A Woman Knitting, collection of Mugonkan

June 3 (Sun.) – July 8 (Sun.), 2018

Images of Prayer from Mugonkan

Mugonkan in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture is a museum housing paintings created by art students who were conscripted and lost their lives in Sino-Japanese War and Pacific War. The artworks of these students, whose dreams were cut short, have been collected from all over the country and displayed alongside letters sent to family members and other personal articles. Unassuming yet deeply compelling and heartrending, the 140 works selected for this exhibition bring home to today's audiences the nobleness and preciousness of human life.

Masanori MIYAMOTO/ tadashi KOIWAHARA, ensemble silhouette.
masanori MIYAMOTO/ adashi KOIWAHARA

July 21 (Sat.) – September 2 (Sun.), 2018


Art meets digital technology in this exhibition featuring the latest interactive art by leading Japanese artists. Instead of just looking at artworks, visitors can touch and take part in them, thereby creating endless varieties of expressions. The way artworks move and change according to people's actions is truly magical, and sure to delight visitors of all ages.

October 6 (Sun.) – November 11 (Sun.), 2018


Maywa Denki is an art unit known for their international, highly original, and eclectic output. This exhibition offers a comprehensive look at their oeuvre by displaying the "products" they have developed to date. Live performances and other associated events are also planned to coincide with the exhibition. The exhibition offers a not-to-be-missed chance to become fully immersed in the world of Maywa Denki.

Hiroshi Sugimoto, Pantheon, Rome.2015, Gelatin silver print, collection of the artist

November 23 (Fri.), 2018 – January 27 (Sun.), 2019

Quattro Ragazzi: Hopes and Illusions of the Momoyama Renaissance – Europe through the Eyes of Hiroshi Sugimoto and the Tensho Embassy

This exhibition presents the latest series of photographs by international artist Hiroshi Sugimoto. The series traces the footsteps of the Tensho Embassy [a delegation including four teenage boys, sent to the Pope by a Christian feudal lord in 1582] in Italy. The scenes captured by Sugimoto's eyes seem to vividly bring back to life the visual experiences of the young ambassadors across more than four centuries of time. Exhibits will also include Sugimoto's "Seascapes," as well as Tensho Embassy-related materials and artworks.


Installation view of the exhibition "Aoki Noe |All that floats down" at Toyota Municipal Museum of Art
photo : Tadasu Yamamoto /courtesy : Hashimoto Art Office

February 9 (Sun.) – March 24 (Sun.), 2019

Noe Aoki Exhibition

This is Kyushu's first solo museum show of works by sculptor Noe Aoki, who has consistently engaged with the medium of iron since early in her career. Composed mainly of recent and new works, the exhibition looks at some of the fresh developments in Aoki's work, which has recently gained in profile as demonstrated most notably by the awards of the 55th Mainichi Art Award in 2014, and the 40th Nakahara Teijiro Prize in 2017.


March 14 (Thu.) – April 14 (Sun.), 2019

Licca exhibition

Licca is a fashion doll loved by children across Japan for more than half a century since 1967. This exhibition presents four model lines of Licca, her family, and friend dolls from the very first to the present, along with the fashion trends of the day.