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Annual Schedule April 2020- March 2021
Temporary Exhibition

Temporary Exhibition

Munenori MAKINO , The Shinning Way(from Ariake Sea Series), 1985, Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum

May 25 (Mon.) – September 22 (Tue.), 2020

Viewing, Comparing…and Seeing Anew - Selected Works from the Collection of Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum

Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum is proud to hold this exhibition titled "Viewing, Comparing … and Seeing Anew - Selected Works from the Collection of Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum." Our collection was basically built around a core of two groups of works: those that were made by artists born in Nagasaki or take Nagasaki as their subject, and Spanish art centered around the Suma Collection. Even after our opening in 2005, we strove to expand our collection while inheriting that of chiefly works from the Meiji era onward and Spanish art from the former Nagasaki Prefectural Museum (which closed its doors in fiscal 2002). At present, our collection consists of about 8,000 works.
For this exhibition, each of our six curators selected a theme and put together a display in one of six sections. The guideline in this activity was "comparing," which also appears in the exhibition title. The comparison of different works has always been part of the fundamental attitude of research in the field of art history. Through it, we realize the originality of each of the works compared all over again. In this sense, the act of comparing or contrasting definitely does not have a uniform orientation; instead, it could be termed open to the diversity of things. This exhibition consequently became a venue for bringing together a rich variety of works, whether Oriental or Occidental and regardless of differences of medium (e.g., paintings and sculptures), all under one roof. We trust that it will provide an opportunity for appreciation of the great breadth of our collection and for enjoyment of the dialogue developing between works facing each other in the display space.